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Lowerwyefishing is the Wyebank and Courtfield Fisheries, a total length of approximately two and a half  miles of prime single and double bank fishing, with over 3.5 miles of bank in total, divided into four beats known as WYEBANK and COURTFIELD on the left bank and COURTFIELD HOME and COURTFIELD THOMAS WOOD, the two beats on the right bank. There are Salmon, Trout, occasional Sea trout and Grayling and coarse fishing, with specimen barbel, chub, dace and pike and perch.

The information is ordered  under the headings of Wyebank Water and Courtfield Waters. Secondly each beat is described and thirdly each beat has a where to fish guide.

We have just added a further exclusive double bank fishery for salmon day tickets only (no coarse fishing tickets available) known as CRAIG Y HEUL Fishery the Waterscross Pool.

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Lower Wye Fishing on Facebook

The Ferry Pool and leading towards Wyebank below the island

Lower Wye Fishing is located at Lower Lydbrook on Wye, Forest of Dean Gloucestershire. This is where the river Wye starts its twisting course through the dramatic and spectacular landscape of hills, cliffs and broad ravines of the lower Wye valley. It is a wonderful place to fish for either coarse or game fish.

“I have owned the Wyebank Fishery on the left bank between the Courtfield and Lydbrook Fisheries since 1993. It is a short stretch of shallows with a few potentially excellent salmon pools. Over the years I’ve keepered this stretch with the long term aim of improving its capacity to hold salmon. I try to enhance the existing habitat through traditional river keepering methods. I hope these create more secure resting places for ascending salmon while optimising the habitat and ecology for juvenile salmon. The most obvious effects of this work have been increases in all species of fish common to the Wye, both in numbers and size. All these fish are wild and to the best of my knowledge no stocking of any sort has been carried out for at least fifteen years.
In March 2006 I took a 5 year lease on the upstream and adjoining Courtfield Fishery giving a combined overall length of one and a quarter miles (2 kms) . This increased length created more economic viability enabling improved management. The lease has been extended to run until March 2016. In December2012 I took a further lease on the Upper Courtfield fishery, which extends to around two and a half miles of right bank. This now gives a major river fishery with around a mile and a quarter of double bank and a mile and a quarter of single bank and allows for more full time management.”

Lower Wye fishing is run as four beats which are Wyebank, Courtfield, Courtfield Home and Courtfield Thomas Wood. The coarse fishing in 2013 is let as day tickets through the WUF for each beat as individual fisheries. The salmon fishing is let as both season and day tickets for each fishery/fishery. We offer a great deal of flexibility with the game fishing and offer free days on Wednesdays, so please contact us either by email, phone or facebook for details.

“The Courtfield waters are  well known. One of the handful of Wye 50 pounders was caught at the netting station above the island. There is a mix of fine shallows and deep pools, fishable from the bank and by wading and excellent boat fishing water. The fisheries are wonderfully diverse and include the full range of habitats found in the lower and middle Wye.  As the name suggests the river here runs beside the famous and ancient Courtfield Estate, which has been the home of the Vaughan family for hundreds of years and was where King Henry V spent part of his childhood when he was eight years old. The right bank for some six miles borders the estate, with its glorious woods , meadows and hills, its old mansion and catholic chapel on the hill and eye catching church of Welsh Bicknor.”
Don Macer-Wright