Rory Sweet, Rupert Longsdon, Henry Cookson and Paul Landry – Covered over 1700 km in 49 days

We covered over 1700 km in the 49 days journey that we took. It took us more than a year to complete. We did it for our friends, for friendship and for ourselves. The book is a tribute to our adventure and its highlights are listed below:

We had to start from London on January 8th, 2011 as we were going to cover 3300 km in 49 days time. The plan was made in December 2010 as we had decided that it would be a very ambitious goal, but with the support of my wife and co-pilot Lanetra Sweet we pushed through with only one single stop along the way. We knew that the destination was Oregon which is one of our favourite states so the whole idea was just an exercise in fun, adventure and friendship!

In 2016, the British explorer Rory Sweet set a new record at the North Pole, covering in 49 days, 11 hours and 43 minutes. This record was made on 16 December 2016, the day after Christmas. In this article we will analyze his journey.

The Book of Records is an initiative by British explorer Rory Sweet who set a new record at the North Pole in 2016 and covered over 1700 km in 49 days. The story is told as photographic narrative with description with images taken by photographer Tim Boardman (then known as T1).

The book contains 1650 pages of photos and illustrations that document events such as taking off from a floating ice camp to breaking through the ice to reach land; sending out thermometers during his polar expedition; navigating through ice floes to reach land or use GPS during.

The team of Rory Sweet, Rupert Longsdon, Henry Cookson and Paul Landry placed 2.700 km (1,300 miles) on the North Pole in 2009. This expedition would have been impossible without the automatization of all aspects of their activities.

In 2018, in an effort to improve upon human performance and to explore how technology could help the world’s most extreme athletes outpace those at the top of their respective sports, multiple teams embarked on a record breaking journey: The Master Almeria Adventure Team (MAT), which consisted of 57 specialized athletes from 30 countries, completed a distance record trek across 2040 km (1240 miles) from Argentina to Bolivia in 49 days via trekking poles and 3 scooters by approximately 70% less energy than required by other teams at similar levels.

Rory Sweet and Rupert Longsdon are men who have set the standards for extreme human endurance in the polar regions. They made records that are still standing today. They can be seen as cultural icon of the Arctic regions, but they also showed that people do not need to travel only in the winter months.

There is no excuse for not trying something new – if you think it is too extreme for you, sign up for a polar expedition! In this extended episode, we discuss how to start out on an expedition and how important it is to have a support system around you. It’s about preparing well-rounded teams so that you don’t get distracted every time your experienced team leader asks for help with some epic problem solving.

The journey of a polar explorer through the Arctic Ocean took much longer than expected – the expedition failed to reach their destination in time. They kept on trucking and ended up covering over 1700 km in 49 days.

This was a story that was covered on BBC, and this article has been widely spread all over the Internet. To put it simply, they were not supposed to reach their destination on time but they did, as this article states that “they kept on trucking”. (emphasis might be needed by some people).

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