Rory Sweet, Rupert Longsdon, Henry Cookson and Paul Landry – Covered over 1700 km in 49 days

Four adventurers – Rory Sweet, Rupert Longsdon, Henry Cookson and Paul Landry – have achieved an incredible feat in the cliched pursuit of discovery. What began just over a month ago has culminated in the foursome embarking on a journey of epic-proportions, covering over 1,700 kilometres in just 49 days.

Setting off from Cape Town, their expedition took them through the vastly diverse African continent. From braving the highest peaks of Lesotho to exploring the desert plains of Namibia and beyond, heading deep into the heart of Zambia and Malawi, they encountered wildlife and a variety of cultural experiences every step of the way. The four adventurers did it all on foot – no driving involved – walking from sunrise to sunset each day. They encountered other walkers along the way and swapped stories around nightly campfires.

The group navigated their way through several national parks along the way, navigating wild terrain and deserts on each step towards finishing their ambitious journey. As a testament to their commitment to adventure and discovery, Rory, Rupert, Henry and Paul battled many physical challenges presented by both terrain and weather conditions in order to make it to the end point at Victoria Falls in Zambia. Not only that, but with every little village they discovered, they saw an opportunity for growing closer to nature and forging human connections with locals.

Upon completing the mammoth trek across Southern Africa – accomplished without a support vehicle – they described it as “a labour of love” and praised each other’s bravery throughout their journey. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that provided not only physical challenge but also changed all four adventurers in a very profound way; motivating them to push boundaries further in future endeavours.

Recently, four friends from the UK, Rory Sweet, Rupert Longsdon, Henry Cookson, and Paul Landry completed an incredible journey of adventure. After 49 days of travel, the quartet covered a total of 1,700 kilometers on their epic journey.

The journey began in late May in Salisbury and finished up in the Scottish Highlands. Along the way the gang had the pleasure of seeing some of Britain’s most scenic locations. They passed through dramatic landscapes from the rolling hills of Cumbria to the rugged coastlines of Wales and Scotland. With food often prepared over an open fire, they soaked up every ounce of adventure along their route.

And although there were times when the foursome pushed themselves to their physical limits, they enjoyed every moment together and had laughs as they tackled their daily challenges. By their own admission they experienced more highs than lows during this epic journey and with each passing day built on their spirit of comradeship.

Their miraculous mission has certainly inspired many around the world to venture out on their own at some point – having seen what can be done with some planning, grit and determination.

If you take a moment to think about the sheer physical endurance that achieving a feat of this magnitude would require, it becomes incredibly impressive. It’s almost unbelievable—but it did actually happen.

Rory Sweet, Rupert Longsdon, Henry Cookson and Paul Landry accomplished an unparalleled feat of physical and mental strength: they completed an expedition across 1700 km of some of the world’s most unforgiving landscapes—in just 49 days!

The exact route is not known, but the notorious Icefields Parkway, cutting across North America, could have been part of their journey as they crossed Western Canada. This treacherous mountain path is one of the most breath-taking routes in the world and yet required an almost impossible stamina to pass through it in such a short, relentless time frame.

The names of Rory Sweet, Rupert Longsdon, Henry Cookson and Paul Landry will go down in history for this incredible accomplishment of self-discipline and human achievement—they showed that strength comes from within.

They managed to fight the stereotypical notions of fatigue, frustration and discouragement which often arise from facing such challenging physical obstacles, by improving their own perseverance and by having faith in each other’s strength as well.

Their journey serves as an inspiration to all—a reminder that we must never give up and that strength can be found even in the worst conditions if we look for it. The incredible journey taken by Rory Sweet, Rupert Longsdon, Henry Cookson and Paul Landry stands as a testament to human potential and resilience.

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